Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome/ Summer Art Fairs

Another day, another blog. After a year or two of pretty pathetic blogging due to the hassles of logging into and editing my old blog, I have switched blog providers. Already this site is faster and easier to deal with than the old one. So get ready for some exciting blogging action! First up: the summer art fair circuit.

That's right, I'm going to start doing art fairs. Why put myself through the hell of working art fairs? Because enrollment in summer pottery classes here at the shop is very inconsistent. Some years are crazy busy, others are crazy not. Those crazy not busy summers make for a tough 3 months as far as the ol' pocketbook is concerned. So art fairs are another option for bringing in some revenue during the slow months. As for the hell of it all, I'm actually pretty excited about it. Like my father, I am a salesman at heart. I can easily spend all day talking to people about my pots. It's kind of a dream come true, really.

I spent the last couple of weeks building the shelving for my booth so that I could get a photo of the setup. Most art fair applications require a photo of your booth to make sure you're not just some hack with a couple of mugs and a card table. I opted for a shelf system that a couple of my friends use in their booths that was easy to build, and folds up flat for easy transport. The whole shelving setup only cost around $200. I borrowed a friend's booth for the photo since I have yet to purchase my own, and set everything up in the studio:

I'll be spray-painting the vertical supports brown, and staining the shelves a mid-tone color to match the small table in the corner. That table will be my desk where I can bag up pots and handle the massive amounts of money that will be coming in.

So far I have applied to the Marion Arts Festival in Marion, IA. It will be a nice little starter show for me if I get in. Keep your fingers crossed! In all I will be applying to about a dozen fairs. If I get into most of them I will be very busy this summer, but that's not very likely to happen. I'm hoping for about a half dozen, though.

So that's my big plan for the summer. I'll keep you posted as I enter more shows and finish up the booth.
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