Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Intuit GoPayment Part II

Today I received my new credit card swiper to use with my Motorola Droid phone. I had to make a quick call to customer service to figure out how to use it, but that only took a minute and it's working great! Turns out you have to enter the sale amount before swiping the card, which is the opposite of most card readers.

It's an amazingly simple little machine- it just plugs into the headphone jack. The only annoying thing about it so far is that I have to take the protective case off the phone in order to get the swiper to plug in all the way. On the plus side, it has a long strap attached to it so it will be harder to lose, and has a little plastic case to store it in. I think it's going to work very well at the summer art fairs. The only problem will be if I don't have a cell phone signal at the fair.....

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