Friday, April 8, 2011


I started throwing large planters this week, in preparation for my 7th Annual Garden Sale. This year's sale will be held on May 14th from 9am-5pm, with a planter-only pre-sale on May 7th. For those of you not familiar with my garden sale: I make and sell stoneware and porcelain planters of all sizes, and my gardening-expert friend Judi Hendricks sells annuals and herbs. The big bonus is that Judi will create beautiful arrangements in your newly purchased planters so you don't have to mess with the planting when you get home. Pots from previous year's sales may also be brought in to be planted. It's a fun event and a great way to kick off Spring.

These planters are made with Standard Ceramic Supply's #306 brown stoneware clay. It's an awesome clay body that I've never had a single problem with. I've used it for cone 8 oxidation and cone 10 reduction, and it never warps or cracks, even on these large pieces.

My large planters vary in size from 25-45 pounds, made by assembling wet sections and pulling and shaping them. A 3 piece, 32 pounder takes about 20 minutes. I'll often add another ring to the top after letting it set up a bit over night. Using this method I never have to center more than 15 pounds at a time, which really cuts back on the wear and tear on my wrists. Plus a generally get larger, thinner pots than if I did them in bigger pieces. I'll post some pictures soon showing the process.

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