Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kohler Art Fair, Day One

Today was great. I set a new personal record for one day sales! And to make it even better, I sold a vessel sink and a couple of my new lamps. The weather report this morning called for rain, but it never came. It did get pretty muggy in the afternoon, but my booth is in a good location where I get a nice breeze. Lunch was delivered to my booth by the folks at the Arts Center cafe, and it was delicious. Overall it was a wonderful day. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be just as good!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Spring Green Art Fair

The Cambridge Pottery Festival was a great success, although I totally tanked in the throwing competition. I'm just not used to throwing really wet buff clay. Oh well. Sales were good, and I met  lot of great people. It was my first (out of 2) profitable fair!

Two weeks later was the Spring Green Arts and Crafts fair in Spring Green, WI. What a great little town, and what a great turnout for the fair! My sales were even better than Cambridge, mostly due to the sheer number of people in attendance. The local Lions Club sold more than 2700 bratwurst and hamburgers on the first day, and the women's swimming team used over 60 pounds of meat for their tacos-in-a-bag. Don't come to Wisconsin if you don't like to eat!

My booth was busy all day both days. The steady stream of customers made the time fly by. I sold about 25 fishing lures and a lot of pitchers, lidded jars, and even a large platter. At the end of the fair a local business made a large wholesale purchase for their store. To top it all off, I won first place in the ceramics category, which included a cash prize! Tony Winchester won second place.

I met a lot of interesting folks, and had a great time people watching. Here's my list of winners for the weekend:

Best t-shirt saying: I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Best thing said to me: Did and old guy wearing a white tiger t-shirt and pushing a wheelchair come to your booth yet?

Best thing overheard in the booth next to me: Melanie, I love your gourds.

Best thing seen driving home: A Michael Jackson impersonator in full costume dancing on the skywalk over the highway in Madison.

So even with the cost of gas, hotel and food, it was a very profitable weekend. This weekend is the Kohler Art Center Midsummer Festival of the Arts in Sheboygan, WI. It promises to be a very well attended fair, so sales should be good. Wish me luck!