Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Summer Art Fair Pregame Show

The summer art fair season is fast approaching. I've already applied to thirteen shows and been rejected from two. I was pretty disappointed about both of the rejections, because they were big shows- Des Moines and Milwaukee Lake Front. However today was a great day, as I was accepted to the Broad Ripple fair in Indianapolis, which is highly ranked, and the St. Charles, IL fair. Last year the St. Charles fair was my first fair ever, and the weather was horribly bad. Even so, I m ade more money than at a couple of the other small fairs I did that had good weather. So if the weather holds, this year should be great. I have never done the Broad Ripple fair, and I am holding off on accepting their invitation until I hear from the Belleville, IL show which is on the same day. Belleville is the top ranked show in the country, so I would choose it over Broad Ripple.

So, combined with the Spring Green fair, which I get automatic entry into since I won first place in ceramics last year, I've got 3 confirmed shows so far. There are a couple of others that I'm fairly positive I will get into, so this year's show season is shaping up nicely already. Time to start making pots!

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