Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dinnerware Shelving

Last summer I combined a couple of shelving units to create the ultimate rack for drying plates. I can fit 30 dinner plates at a time, assuming I don't have a bunch of other crap cluttering it up. Currently my art fair booth shelving lives on the very top, and girls scout cookies take up some space near the bottom. Priorities....

I didn't have any floor space for the rack, so I put it up on the end of my work table and screwed it to the wall. I have to climb up on the table to get to the upper shelves, but that's simple enough.

Today was a productive day, and I managed to get 19 dinner plates made. To prevent the lips from drying out too fast and warping upward, I cover them with a strip of 'Caution' tape (available at your local hardware store). The middle of the plate is left uncovered for 2 or 3 days, at which time the whole piece will be leather hard with no warping at all.

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