Friday, April 20, 2012

Lid Prototype First Firing

Last night was the first firing with the new compression fit lid for my L&L DaVinci. Success! Before starting the kiln, the lid was sagging less than 1/8 inch in the middle. When I checked it at 1500 degrees, it was only down to 1/4 inch! This is much less sag than the original mortared lid had, so I'm very pleased so far. This morning I checked it again when it was down to 800 degrees, and it had only come back up a hair, so it may just stay there. So now I'm wondering if it will just stay put in future, or get lower with each firing. I do expect more sag in a glaze firing because of the higher temperature. Even if it starts sagging more than I'd like, I can always loosen up the clamps and adjust it back up. The bricks all look good, with no signs of crumbling. I'll be firing another bisque in two days, then a glaze firing the day after that. Fingers crossed!

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