Tuesday, May 29, 2012

St. Charles Fine Art Show 2012

My usual routine for setting up at an art fair is to set up my booth and shelving the night before the show, and leave my bins full of pots in the booth overnight. Then when I arrive the next morning I just have to unload the bins onto the shelves, which only takes about 45 minutes. This weekend that routine paid off big time.

I set up like normal on Friday night, then attended the Preview Party, where I got to schmooze with the purchase award patrons. Purchase award patrons are local people and businesses who have pledged to buy a certain dollar amount of work at the show, to help support the show and the arts. I met many very nice people at the party, and even sold a couple of pieces to them during the show.

Saturday morning I was headed back to the show and my car broke down in Barrington, about halfway there. The 'Check Engine' light came on and it just died and wouldn't restart. So after several phone calls to people in the area, Aunt Carlene form Elgin volunteered to come pick me up and drive me to the show.  She also gave me the name of the towing company that her family auto repair business in Elgin (Kellenberger Auto) uses, and they came right away and towed my car to the shop. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for the holiday weekend, so they are just now taking a look at it this morning. Hopefully it's nothing fatal.

Thanks to Carlene I got to the show with just enough time to get everything out of the boxes before the show started. Sales were good Saturday, although the show was never very busy and didn't have much energy. Sunday was hot, like 95 degrees, but the humidity was very low so I didn't suffer too much. The heat definitely kept people away, though, so sales were not as good that day. Overall it was a decent show from a sales standpoint, but the lack of crowds makes me question whether or not to do it again.

Added later:
Good news! My car is still alive. Just a worn out spark system. New distributor, plugs and wires and I'm good to go. My next show is the Cambridge Pottery Festival is Cambridge, WI on June 9 & 10. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marion, IA Art Festival 2012

Holy cow! What an amazing show! I broke my 2 days sales record by 3pm of the one-day Marion show. I can see now why this show is ranked #17 in the nation- great sales, great organizers, easy setup and teardown, and of course the wonderful people of Iowa. Here's a great time lapse video of the day: Marion Art Festival Video

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing is Awesome!

Big 'ol honkin bass caught on one of my 1/8 ounce plugs with an orange and white bucktail and a white curl tail grub. You don't need big lures to catch big fish.

New Pots

Some new pots:

I wasn't sure about this one before the glaze firing, but I'm very happy with how it came out.

Big and glossy.

15" tall.

Vessel Sink, 16" diameter.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Lid Success!

I've done three more firings in the big DaVinci with the new lid, one bisque and two cone 6. All were very successful. The lid only sagged an inch during the cone 6 firings, and came back up to about 3/8 inch when cool. Some of the bricks are starting to loosen up just a bit, so I'm going to have to tighten everything up before tonight's cone 6 glaze fire. I also put new elements in this week, so the kiln is like new!