Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How I Spent Two Months Not Making Pots. Chapter 2.

We last saw me heading into the ER:

So I quickly found out that the emergency room is not a fast paced, exciting place like it is on television. After sitting in my room for a good long time, someone finally cam in and made me unwrap the towel from my fingers and look at the unholy terror that my hand had become. The pads of my fingers were totally torn up, but surprisingly, bleeding very little. I half expected them to squirt all over the room, but they hardly even dripped.

I don't remember exactly what order they did things in, but at some point the nurse tried to numb my fingers, which didn't work very well. They still hurt where I had injured them, but also hurt at the base of the fingers where she injected the anesthetic. So she tried again, and they still didn't go numb. Maybe it was her first time? So I asked if there was anything she could give me through the IV. At that point she introduced me to my good friend Dilaudid. The pain went away, I stopped hyperventilating and shaking, and started to smile. Literally. I felt great! At some point I also got sent for xrays, which showed that I broke the bones at the tips of my two injured fingers. Great. That meant an even longer recovery.

After cleaning off the fingers and loosely stitching them "just to hold them together till the you see the surgeon", I was on my way. Only 3 hours and $4,000 (thank god for insurance) to do 20 minutes of actual work. They gave me the name of the surgeon to call in the morning and sent me to Walgreens to get some horse-strength pain killers.

To be continued.....

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