Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here We Go Again...

Despite all our best efforts (my doctor and I), the shattered bones in my middle finger tip have not healed completely from the accident I had back in February. There's still a big gap in the middle of the bones. We tried using a bone growth stimulator machine for a couple of months this summer while my schedule was too busy to even consider doing surgery, and that did get the little bone fragments to fuse up together and start to join back to the main bone. But now the bones have stopped growing together, leaving a very flexible fingertip where it should be solid.

So more drastic measures are called for. Specifically, a bone graft. The doctor will take some bone out of my wrist using what he describes as a 'melon baller for bone', and cram it in between the separated bone pieces. This, in addition to a permanent screw in my finger tip, is a guaranteed fix. We discussed getting a Wolverine-type claw, or possibly a finger tip with removable attachments like a screwdriver or wrench or knife, but he said my insurance wouldn't cover it. Bummer.

What I would like to look like after the surgery.

So back under the knife I go in early October. I'll be splinted for a while, but should be able to get back into clay within a couple of weeks.

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