Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lillstreet Soda Kiln Photos

Here's a slew of photos from the Lillstreet Art Center soda kiln build Doug Jeppesen and I did over the weekend of September 20-22, 2013.

Cinder block and first floor layer. We used hard brick for the outer walls and where the posts holding the shelves would sit, soft brick for the rest of the interior for added insulation.

First 3 rows of the walls, and the start of the chimney. The flue opening is 9x9 inches.

The walls are hard brick on the interior, soft brick on the exterior. Every 5th row is a header course. All are mortarted with a 50/50 mixture of fireclay and sand.
The steel is welded up. In addition to the usual perimeter pieces and along the arch skew bricks, we added a piece of 4" channel along the fireboxes, since the bricks tend to move a lot there. The corners are tied across the top with 3/4 all thread. The steel flanking the door jams are tied to the pieces flanking the chimney so it's all tied together front to back as well as side to side.
The arch form is set into place, held up by bricks.
Underside of the arch form.

Beginning to lay the arch brick. The arch has a total rise of 14" in the center. It is built entirely of #1 and #2 arch bricks, no straights.
Doug up on the arch, crammed under the exhaust hood.

The first layer of the arch completed.

Filling in the back wall under the arch.

Done, with mortar skim coat drying on the floor.

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