Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Martha and Me, The End.

The first round of voting in the American Made contest ended on Sunday night, and I am sad to inform you that, despite all your hard work, I did not make it into the final round. I know what you're thinking- THANK GOODNESS! I COULDN'T TAKE ANOTHER WEEK OF VOTING! I hear ya. It's been a long month, and I can't thank you all enough for sticking it out and voting till your little fingers went numb, through the buggy website, and the annoying emails, and the barrage of Facebook reminders. And even though the final round was out of reach, you still kicked some major you-know-what. At last count, before all the voting difficulties and irregularities of the last 5 days of the competition, we were in the top 20. That's right, the top 20 out of approximately 1000 nominees. Holy. Cow. That's. Amazing. Only in America could a potter in Grayslake have so many wonderful people rally to try and reunite him with his college-sweetheart-slash-media-mogul-slash-home-decorating-goddess. I've said it throughout the competition, and I'll say it again: you people rock. You humble me. I am in awe of your generosity. So hold your heads high, because you're all winners in my book.

And don't forget that the competition is not over yet! We still need to vote for a winner. You can see the 6 finalists HERE. Personally, I like the winner of the 'Technology' category, Modern Yardage, so that's where I'll be casting my 6 votes a day. But you can vote for whomever you choose, because I am relinquishing the voting power that I have held over you for the last month. Go. You're free.

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