Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martha and Me, Week 2

Holy cow! Over 2600 votes in one week! What can I say? You continue to amaze me. I owe you. Big time!

So here's what I know after one week of voting: We are doing great! Several of us here at the studio spent way too much time browsing through the American Made site to get an idea of where we stand, and from what we can tell we are doing very well. We really have no way to know for sure how we're doing, but after looking through about 100 of the 900 or so crafting nominees, we found that we are beating almost everyone. Almost everyone. Almost.

That's right, I'm trying to get you all riled up.

Now let's channel that energy into voting. Here are some fun ideas to help you help me get more votes:
1. Set up a voting stand outside the supermarket.
2. Force your children to vote. For real. I can't find anything in the rules that says your kids can't vote.
3. Forward this email to everyone in your email list.
4. Adopt more children and force them to vote.

If all this seems a bit extreme, it's not. It's perfectly normal to adopt more children in an effort to get a potter from the midwest into the second round of voting in a popularity contest run by a media goddess. Perfectly normal. Now stop asking so many questions. Shouldn't you be voting or something?

So that's where we are. Keep up the great work. I really can't thank you enough. I promise my next email will contain the photo you've all been begging to see- Martha and Me circa 1998.

Vote Here!

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